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יום שבת...פתיחה...מוזמנים באהבת אמת❤️✨✨.


Exhibition name: Musical Journey

Artist: Hila Gad Hod Tal

Technique: Acrylic layers and other materials on canvases, in different sizes.

App: QR code reader for hearing the music


Imagine entering an exhibition space, getting headphones at the entrance,

And in a moment you dive and drift into a musical journey that speaks for itself.

Each piece tells the story of the song you are listening to,

 each piece conveys to your feelings and emotions that arises from the song heard through the headphones.

The journey is personal, each genre connects your memories to the sound.

In addition there is an isolated feeling due to wearing headphones, which

Allows you to enter into an inner journey through the song while looking at the art piece. 

There is a constant use of different senses that allows the observer to be active in front of the paintings.

The project was created out of love and admiration for both art and music.

I combined two passions of mine that have accompanied me since childhood and I have created a unique duet between them.

Work process:

The work was done first by choosing the song or the musical piece, one's I am very attached to, one's not.

The painting is done intuitively, without judgment and criticism towards the result, in abstract form.

I draw the emotions that the song conveys to me through color, art materials on the canvas in acrylic colors.

Most of the pieces were done without any prior thought, but with hearing.

The song sounds repetitively until all is transferred into the canvas 

The process can take between two days to a week.



During the Covid19 i've painted all the Solfeggio scale
all in an intuative way
listenning to the tone repetitively and painting the emotiones arising from it.

The ancient Solfeggio scale, known as “Just Intonation”, is best known for its use in the soothing Gregorian chants, but its history can be traced back to Biblical times. The Ancient 6-tone scale, and an additional 3 tones that have been discovered since, is considered by many musicologists and scientists to have a positive effect on the mind and body.
Way back in the 11th century, a Benedictine monk named Guido d’Arezzo introduced the musical scale that we now know as the Solfeggio frequencies.



look inside yourself and find the creation within you

Inspiration: Inspiration
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