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create your life intuativally

In my perspective
Life is your own creation.
When acknowledging it, your life's path becomes clearer, and constructing it becomes easier. 

Every person has an artistic part in him.
Even if he does not think of himself as an artist, i believe he still has connection to it.

My artistic side has always been my companion.  
From a young age I wrote, drew and designed.

Every angle of my life has inspired me,
the places I've traveled around the world, my childhood and my adult life.
All of my experiences are channeled into my works in an abstract way.

The movement of my brush and the colors I use for my paintings are the ones creating it.

Sometimes it's obvious, sometimes it's not, but anyone who looks at a painting has reactions that arises from certain memories or feelings.

The artwork is an idea that speaks for itself,
I'm just the vassal who transfers it into a canvas.


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